Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition
Twentieth Anniversary Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition
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Rybee House

Stained, painted and varnished wood
6’6” x 10’ x 6’6”

Stephen Klema
Winsted, CT

33rd Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition (2019-2020)

On display now

Sculpture site map (PDF 1.11M)

Artist's Comments

My current work consists of outdoor sculpture fabricated using overlapping and interlocking stained and painted wood elements. The underlying focus of my visual investigation is the creation of works based on graphic interpretation - visual reduction of a complex form into many simpler, more definable shapes which when combined yield a coherent figurative form that straddles abstraction and figurative interpretation. I make objects - stylized forms - a leaf, a raindrop, a tool - whose visual end is influenced by planning, play, serendipity, and the reciprocal relationship between technical barriers and their solutions. Fundamental to how I work is the labor of MAKING - a process which I hold dear and is expressed in my focus on detail and craft.

Stephen Klema


Rybee House 1 is the first in a series that incorporate a sense of whimsy and fantasy, and stylized images of archetypal forms of shelter and nature. Roofs provide a sense of home, benches with raised relief leaf graphic provide a resting place in nature. The piece consists of three large wood tree interpretations, with additional trees laminated on either side. The trees are set in triangular formation, the backs meeting to form a leaf image. Connecting each tree is a shallow triangular arched-front bench. The triangular roof structure is made from Cedar and painted in shades of orange and yellow, while the leaf graphic is finished in two shades of green paint so as to be playful and inviting. The piece rests on a shaped base deck of cedar - which represents the contour of tree roots.

About the Artist

Stephen Klema is a sculptor, designer, and design educator who has shown his work in regional and national juried exhibitions. Stephen works with vector software, wood, and a variety of saws. He received his MFA from the Hartford Art School, and his BFA from the Atlanta College of Art. Stephen's sculpture pieces have been shown in long term exhibits across the country including Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.

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